#StayHomeWriMo Day 5

Writing Prompt: Go outside (if you safely can). Put on your writer hat and try to notice 5 things to write about! 

My 5 things: gardening, waterfall, Buddha, t-shirt, bugs

The young man looked up to the sun, sweat beating down his face as he raked leaves. Kids ran by in delight down the freshly cleaned path to the waterfall nearby. He watched them with envy– free to make their own decisions, free to bounce and leap down the trail as they wished.

He so wished he could take his standard issue t-shirt off as he worked. Why did they make them wear such heavy material? Wasn’t it enough to be forced to do community service? Maybe it was to slow them down if they tried to run. He chuckled to himself. The guy working next to him gave him a dirty look.

Their site supervisor called out “BREAK” and everyone dropped their tools, huffing. They crowded under a tree for shade and accepted the pitiful granola bar and bottle of water. As if they were school children on rations. He smiled to himself again, remembering how he used to try to trade kids on the playground services like finishing their homework for granola bars like this one.

“What are you laughing at?” the man next to him asked, irritated.

“Oh, I was just thinking…” he started, but the man moved on, swatting flies and giving him a dirty look. He shrugged and sat under the tree, savoring the sweet oats and nuts flavour, trying not to drop anything on the forest floor.

“Okay, breaks up! Back to work!” The supervisor declared. The crowd of orange shirts slowly got up, cracking plastic water bottles in their fists, sauntering back to their work stations.

A group of yogis gathered on the opposite side of the trail, overlooking the waterfall beyond the trees. He watched their gentle movements, their limbs swaying in the breeze, the Buddha around one women’s neck twinkling in the sunlight. He sighed. They looked so peaceful.

Shaking his head, he thought to himself, ‘when I get out, I’m not wasting my time on that!’

Smiling, he went back to work.

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