Is the ” Promise Ring” a Hint or a Stutter?

The dialogue of a lady and her child as I rang through their purchase…

“What should I say, mum? I don’t want to give it away!”

“I don’t know, what’s wrong with the one you had before? I wouldn’t get it.”

“That’s because you’re not a fan, mum. ‘One ring to rule them all’ I think he’ll get it.”

“What is this for?” I asked.

The girl looked at me for a moment. “I’m giving my boyfriend a hint but I don’t want him to get it. I got him a ring-“

“A promise ring,” piped in her mother.

“Yes, and he got me one except I already guessed that he got me one so I got him one in return and he wants a hint ‘cause he doesn’t know that’s what I got him.”

“Oh, how exciting! Well, if it was me I would definitely get that hint, especially because he already got you one. Why don’t you just tell him you got him something shiny?”

She considered it, “hmm that could be good.”

“You have lots of time to think about it anyways-“ said the mum, “how much is this?”

“Two dollars. When are you seeing him?”

“Oh, not for a month. He lives in Michigan.”

“Oh wow that’s far! How did you meet?”

“Through friends-“

“It’s a long distance thing,” piped in her mother again, “they’re only kids anyways. She’s going to stay with his family for a while, all nice people. His parents are both surgeons!”


“And his one brother is an entrepreneur, has his own business, and the other one does something to do with apps. He’s making a deal with Facebook right now.”

“Oh great, good catch! So what does yours do?”

They looked at each other for a moment.

“He dropped out of college-“

“But he’ll find his way eventually-“

“Lots of time!”

“Of course,” I laughed.

“I think I’ll tell him it’s shiny.”

Two men walk into a bar…

Two men walked into a bar. One had been famous; the other finding himself in his career. One shook hands with the bouncer and walked into the bar, the other was astonished but followed anyways. The more popular of the two spent a good hour laughing and catching up with people eager to greet him. The other stood by his side embracing the atmosphere and watching the star shine. They went on like this until a brighter star walked into the bar.

Two men sat down at a bar. One was dejected; he wondered why nobody was paying attention to him. The other was glimmering with creativity; something he had been looking for was finally presenting itself. The optimist looked over at the pessimist and said to him “this is what I want you to be. This man. Be this man.”
Believe it or not, this is a true story. I love when people from new walks of life share snippets and snapshots of their lives. Little stories are what form a greater reality for all of us. And as many of us strive to become more confident in the decisions we make, we can rest assured that no measure of success will guarantee happiness.
If you are an avid “Friends” watcher, then it might interest you to know that the Pessimist in this story is non other than Matthew Perry. 
The Pessimist is non other than Canadian writer and filmmaker Harris Goldberg. I had the pleasure of meeting him last year at a discussion panel at McMaster University.

En Route to Calgary

There was nobody sitting beside me on the airplane, so I decided to listen to the couple in front of me.

At first I believed they were a couple, or family members, or at least a pair that knew each other. The one was describing her latest adventure as a journalist, the other his adventures fishing. They had seemingly nothing in common but their relationship.

It turned out they didn’t even have that.

At one point in the flight, I heard her say it. “Don’t you love meeting people in transit? I think its so fun, such a great opportunity to talk to people you don’t know!”

He laughed and agreed with her.

They were connected.