#StayHomeWriMo Day 4

Writing Prompt: Write about a secret you or a character have been keeping

So many directions to go in… how do I pick just one?

She looked at her computer screen, contemplating the latest ridiculous problem her boss put in front of her. Statistics that were out off date, case files that made no sense, reports riddled with spelling mistakes. She sighed, looking out of her second story window to a grey dull sky on the brink of rain…

“Do do do, do do…” the song of online video conferencing shook her attention and she popped back to her screen. “Good morning…” she began, more resentful then she meant to be. Her boss began to dictate the rest of her day. She thought she was going to escape from this… from him, at least, by working from home! Apparently not.

Pellets of rain pattered lightly against her window.

As he droned on, a bang echoed from below her. She jumped in surprise and looked towards the door.

“Everything alright?” Her boss noticed. Darn.

More yelling from below. “Yup. Um. Just a sec,” she lunged from her chair and poked her head out the door.

“What’s going on down there?”

“Nothing!” little voices rang back.

She called to her partner, who assured her everything was fine.

“Keep it down, please!” she retorted, irritated.

Huffing, she dragged herself back to the video conference. Her boss continues as she stared out he window, a steady stream of rain pattering against her window. Tears welled in her eyes.

“Okay!” she exclaimed, surprised it was already over. “Yes. Talk to you soon!”

Her shoulders collapsed at the weight of documents waiting for her attention. She knew if she worked for a couple hours, she could make great headway and then she could cook a fun dinner with her kids. Maybe homemade pizza!

Okay, she thought. Let’s do this! I can do this! Rain was streaming down her windows now. Giggles from downstairs. She shook her head and dived into the onslaught of documents.

One hour ticked by, an hour and a half, two hours. All the while rain drenched the windows and she desperately wished she could throw her computer into it.

Finally, she had to emerge for lunch. Little voices were laughing and yelling in the kitchen. She so desperately wanted to join in on the fun.

“Hey everybody! Whatcha doing?” she smiled.

“Hi mama! Look what we made! Look, we did it!”

Her youngest wobbled over with a plate of homemade pizza. Everybody held their breath, beaming, waiting for her response.

Thunder clapped outside and she jumped.

“Oh! It’s wonderful! Amazing…” she echoed, tears welling up for the second time today. They weren’t convinced. “Thank you so much,” she added, kissing her youngest on the head.

“Mine’s pepperoni!” the little one exclaimed, “I don’t like pineapple.”

“Uhhuhh…” she nodded, staring at the pizza.

They ate their lunch, the kids retelling the whole messy story. After cleaning up and settling into colouring, she dragged herself back upstairs to the dreadful computer screen.

As the rain continued, she slagged to meet her deadline. Just as she was about to log off for the day, she heard it again.

“Do do do, do do…” surprised, she logged on to see her boss calling her. She took a deep breath, praying no overtime, and answered.

“Hello.” Her boss was serious. “There’s no easy way to tell you this, but we’re going to have to let you go.”

Her mouth fell open. “What? But I have so much work to do!”

“I know, and it will get done, I promise you!” (as if she cared) “but we’re just not bringing in revenue now. I can’t afford to keep you.”

She sat in disbelief.


She logged off. Wind knocked rain hard against the window. She got up, slammed her computer closed, and marched downstairs. Nobody noticed her walk out the front door and stand on the stoop. She closed her eyes, rain pelting her from all directions, and sighed with relief.